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In recent years, delivery apps make easier for people to enjoy the services at doorsteps. People are looking for more delivery services, but it makes sometimes hassle to handle more than one delivery app on a single device. Also, a business looking to furnish numerous application solutions to gain more revenue. Therefore, the multi-delivery app is a marvellous decision for both parties.

A multi-delivery application refers to a single platform where people can get groceries, food items, cake, flowers, medicines, snacks and courier delivery at their convenient places. White Label delivery app is a customization solution that allows carrying all the delivery services in one application. We customize the delivery clone script as per your requirements. With simple features, you can clinch many customers and enhance their shopping experience. Boost your business and profits with our advanced application solution.

Delivery Anything User App Features

Easy Checkout

Enable customers to payment together at the end of the order, without paying one by one for delivery requests.

Schedule Delivery

The app empowers the customer to schedule delivery service as per their convenient time


Customer can see their order status in real-time after he/she accept their order request.

Search Store

A customer has the option to search the store with three latter and order items with filter options.

Add to Cart

Customer can add their favourite item to the cart. Numerous items can be added to the cart.

In-app Call

Customers can connect with store vendors and delivery executives in case any queries arise through the app.

Delivery Anything Driver App Features

Effeicient Navigation

The delivery person can find optimized routes using the map navigation embedded with the app.

Manage Request

Delivery person has the option to accept or decline new delivery services requests as per their availability.

Earning Report

Delivery person views their earning report based on the daily, weekly, monthly and yearly.

Set Availability

This feature allows a delivery person to set their availability On/off with a single tap to accept a request.

Profile Management

The delivery person can create and customize their profile by adding information about them.

Push Notification

The movement delivery person accepts the delivery request, they get the in-app notification.

Delivery Anything Store App Features

Manage Order

Manage all the orders request seamlessly by accepting or rejecting options within a single tap.


Store vendor can manage their product list. They have the option to add or remove products.

Order Details

Store vendors can manage order requests and view order details like product details and customer details.

Order History

Store vendor can see order history with all completed, cancel, running and pending order requests.

Order Alert

Real-time notification can be received the movement customer place the delivery request.


A store can attract customers with an extended range of offers, discounts and promotional activities.

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