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Start your own online food delivery app using our on-demand food ordering app solution. Nowadays, people order their favorite food using the online food delivery app. So, we offer our white label food ordering app with a customized solution. We provide our online food delivery app with user app, driver app, and restaurant app. We provide both an Android and iOS application for your online food delivery app. If you want to expand your business in the online market industry, you are at the right place. We offer the best and customized white label food ordering script for your startup business.

Key Features

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App Key Features
Real time Tracking

Users and restaurants can track the delivery person’s real-time location within the app using GPS.

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Food Categories

The app offers a wide range of food categories, from that user can easily find their favorite food.

Multiple Payment Option

The app offers multiple payment options like cash, credit, and wallet from that user can pay for food.

Find nearest restaurant

Users can search the nearest restaurants based on their current location and by cities and neighborhoods.

Add to cart

A user can add food in add to cart after he/she can edit or remove from the cart.


Users/drivers can check their previous completed order details using history features.

Food Delivery App – User App Features

Check food ordering user app features
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Login/Sign up

A user can log in or sign up via social media sites like Facebook, Google or via Email.

Track order

Once the order is placed a user can track the order in real-time within the app using GPS.

Order Notification

A user can get real-time notification of their order status like accept order by a restaurant, assign delivery person & more.

Order History

A user can view their order details information using history features, they can view store and amount details of the order.

Add to cart

A user has the option to add food to the add to cart. He/she can able to order food anywhere and anytime.


When the order is completed user give reviews and ratings of the store and driver about their experiences.

Food delivery App – Driver App Features

Check food ordering Driver app features
Manage Document

A driver uploads and manage their documents like driving license, bank details, and more.

Live Map Navigation

A delivery person can use live navigation within an app to place order requests in minimal time.

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Profile Status

If the delivery person was not able to accept the order request; they can set their profile status ON/OFF.

Earning History

A delivery person can view earning history with total complete and cancel food order requests.

View User Feedback

A delivery person can view user reviews and ratings after the order was completed.

Manage Bank Details

A delivery person can add and manage their bank account details to get earning from the admin.

Food delivery App – Store App Features

Check food Delivery store app features
food store
Order Status

A store owner can get an order request from the user and they can manage to accept or reject order requests using a single tap of a button.

View History

A store owner can view the total amount of complete, cancel and rejected order history with all details.

Manage Product Details

A provider can manage product details using a single tap of a button. They can add or remove the product.

Add Offers

A provider can set an offer to attract more users; they can add/modify offers with full details.

Manage categories

A store owner can add/modify their food item categories and subcategories.


A provider can manage their basic details like tax, item amount, delivery charges, store opening and closing time.

Food delivery web admin panel

check our admin panel features
Manage Delivery Person

Admin can manage the delivery person details; they have the authorities to add, remove or decline a delivery person registration request.

Document verification

Store/delivery person can upload the required document; after uploading document admin can cross verified the document details.

Manage promo code

Admin has authorities to add, modified, and remove promo code and offers details that are used by a user to get a discount.

Manage store

An admin has authorities to add/remove store details like store timing, radius, product, and profile.

Manage vehicle

A vehicle can be added, edit or delete for the delivery person by admin. Also, the admin can manage all the information of the vehicle.

Mass Notification

Admin can send a mass notification to a user, delivery person, and provider concerning new offers, festival grittings, etc.

Check out our Food ordering demo

Check our food delivery apps & web panel demo
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food driver app
food store app
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We Develop our android & ios app with below technology
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What is Uber clone script?

Uber Clone Script is nothing but the same work as an Uber. The Features and facilities given are the same as the Uber-like app.

In your uber clone script, you can add customized features?
In your uber clone script, you can add customized features?

Yes, we can add customized features as per your requirement.

In your uber clone script, you can add customized features?

Yes, we can add customized features as per your requirement.

What is Uber Clone Script?

Uber Clone Script is nothing but the same work as an Uber. The Features and facilities given are the same as the Uber-like app.

What is the Online Food ordering App?

With the use of a food ordering app, people can easily find their favorite food and restaurants. They can place their food order online and the restaurant delivers food to the customer doorstep.

Is your Product script multilanguage script?

Yes, our product support multilanguages.

Are you provide technical support?

Yes, we offer you 3-month free technical support.

Can You Add Customized Features I Need?

Yes, we can add customized features in our product as per your requirement.

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