Gojek Clone App Development Solution

Launch More Than One Services In Single App with our On-Demand Gojek Clone App script solution For Your Startup Business

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Multi Service App-Gojek Clone App

Gojek is Indonesia based startup founded in 2010. Gojek offers more than eighteen on-demand services on a single app including transportation, food delivery, mobile payments, logistics, and more.

In this current era, modernization in technology has changed the people daily life. People use online applications for their routine. But, it is difficult to handle more applications in a single device. so, we offer all in one multi-service single – gojek clone app for you. The gojek clone app offers a variety of on-demand services in a single app. Our app offers more than 50+ on-demand services for your startup including transportation, delivery, and other services. Our Gojek Clone app offers a customer app, driver app, store app, and provider app.

Our Gojek Clone App Script Package Includes

Our Gojek clone app script offers multiple on-demand services on a single platform. On-demand services such as transportation, delivery and other providers services. With specifications in our app, you can start your multiple services business in few days. We deliver Gojek app with other deliverables such as:

  • Customer Android & iOS apps
  • Driver/Delivery Person Android & iOS apps
  • Store Android & iOS apps
  • Service Provider Android & iOS apps
  • Super Admin Panel
  • Store/Restaurant Panel
  • Billing Admin Panel
  • Dispatcher Admin Panel
  • Service Provider Web Panel
  • Static Landing Website (Single Page)

what we offer

Gojek Clone App - User App Features


In-App Live Chat

A user can send a message to the store/provider if they have any queries regarding their services.

Payment Option

A user can pay their order/ride request using multiple payment options like cash, credit or through a wallet.

Order History

A user can view their ride, delivery and on-demand service order history with all details.

Track Live Location

A user can track their ride/order live location within an app or by a Google GPS.

Add to Cart

A user can add or remove product item to add to cart after he/she can place their order.

Review & Rating

After completing the order/ride request, the user gives review & rating to store/driver/provider based on their experience .

Gojek Clone App – Driver App Features

Get Ride/Order Request

After the admin approves the driver’s account, they can get a ride/order request from the user.

Social Login

A driver can login or sign up through social media site like Facebook, Google or via Email.

Access Multi Service

A driver can get a multiple services order like ride, delivery and on-demand provider.

Select vehicle

A driver has to select vehicle type like taxi, ride or truck based on which type of service they want to offer.

Cancel Ride/Order

A driver can cancel the order/ride request with valid cancellation reason like an invalid address, or any actual reason.

View Feedback

A driver can view their review and rating given by the user. It will help them to improve their service.


Gojek Clone App – Store App Features


Order request

Once the admin approves the store account, they can get a new order request from the user.

Check Order List

A can check completed, pending and new order request list with all the essential details.


If the store is not able to accept a new order request, the store can set their status offline.


A provider can view their earning report in the daily, weekly and monthly basis.

Manage Profile

A store can manage their profile information such as name, address, contact number, etc.


A user can use a new offer to get a discount on the total amount. The store can add/remove the offers.

Gojek Clone App – Provider App Features

Manage Services

A provider can manage their service offer information and if they don’t want to offer services, they remove it.

Manage Profile

A provider can manage their profile information such as name, address, email, contact number, profile image, etc.

Manage Order Request

A provider can view and manage the order request list. They can accept or reject order request with a single tap of a button.


Navigation allows the provider to find the live location of the user using Google map with the real-time location.


A provider can view earning history with all details like completed, cancel, and running order requests.

Live Chat

Once the provider accepts the order request they can chat with a user to find the exact location of the user.


Gojek Clone App– Super Web Admin Features

Check our super admin web panel features
of all-in-one services Gojek clone app


With the powerful super web admin panel, admin can view statics, earning reports, order requests with all the information.

Manage Document

Admin can view and manage the provided documents by the driver/provider. They can verify the document and decide to approve it.

View Feedback

Admin can view all store/driver/provider reviews and ratings given by the user.

Order Request

Admin can view completed, cancel and running order request list with all details like order id, address, email, and contact number.


Admin can manage the payment setting like tax percentage, service commission, payment types like cash, credit or wallet.

Mass Notification

Admin can send a mass notification to store, driver, provider and user. It will help them to know about the app new information.

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