Launch Multiple Delivery Service App For your Business

In this current era, the on-demand delivery service app and its popularity have spread. Nowadays, the “uber for delivery” segment is has been soaring.

The online on-demand delivery service is more demanded in any other business. From the food and grocery to medicine and courier all the industries are covered.

The delivery concept loved by the customer because they not only looking for the best product but they are also looking for a way to getting it on the same day or instant time.

Also, customers like the delivery concept because someone completed their works, and they save time in their busy life.

But, what is the on-demand delivery services are not available? Think about it for a minute…

The customer goes to a supermarket, searching for the desired product, waiting in a queue at the bill counter, and then get the item. It is a tiring process for everyone.

Instead, everyone wants an online delivery app. With the app, the item will one click away. Customers can get thinks at their doorstep.

So, let’s move to uber for the delivery app feature and development cost.

Key Effective Features For your Uber Delivery Service App

To use the delivery service app, users can log in through their social sites like Facebook, Google or via Email or simply log in through by providing their basic information.

Search & discover product
You may have the best product, but the user has the option to search the product based on their needs. A user has the option to filter the product and find the best thing.

Delivery Person Profile
Once the delivery order accepts by the delivery person, the user can view the delivery person profile with name, contact details, profile picture and feedback given by the other user.

Real-time Tracking
After the delivery service order accepts, a user has the option to track the live location of the delivery order within the app. So, they get the status of the delivery order.

Payment Option
To pay for the delivery service request, the user has a flexible payment option such as cash, credit and in-app wallet.

Call Delivery person
A user/driver both have can call to each other. If they have any queries regarding the service request then they can call each other within the app.

View Order History
A user/delivery person both have the option to view the complete, pending, running, and cancel order request with all details.

Review & Rating
After complete the delivery order request, a user gave the review and rating to the delivery person and store based on their service experiences.

Are You have a Delivery Service App Idea?

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