Top 7 Food Delivery Apps in UAE to Get Meals at Doorsteps

Top 7 Food Delivery Apps in UAE to Get Meals at Doorsteps

Eating and ordering food online has become a trend and is all set to replace the idea of dine-in because people of this generation prioritise “comfort” over anything else. And this is the major reason behind the exponential growth of food delivery apps. The food delivery market is growing globally and is projected to register a CAGR of 16.24% over the forecast period. 

On-demand food delivery apps have made online ordering easy and enjoyable. Consequently, the growing number of online food delivery apps in the UAE has been flourishing. As more individuals use these online ordering apps, restaurants also take advantage of this profitable market opportunity. 

To fulfill the needs of customers, more and more entrepreneurs are thinking of entering this market with unique value propositions. Along with being the top tourist destination, UAE is also a business hub and ahead in the race of food delivery market. If you want to know more about the food delivery market trend in UAE and what apps are ruling the market, this blog is all you need. 

Let’s dig down! 

Understand the Food Delivery Market in UAE with Jaw-dropping Numbers

In the United Arab Emirates (UAE), food delivery has become commonplace as more and more individuals choose to have their meals delivered straight to their door. The UAE’s food delivery business is expanding steadily, offering a wide range of culinary options from shawarma to pizza, thanks to rising internet usage and the appeal of online food ordering.

Industry experts believe that there is still plenty of room at the table for new players in the UAE’s food delivery business, which has not yet reached saturation.

UAE food delivery overlap users

Source: Measurable AI

  • According to data from Hamburg-based research platform Statista, the UAE’s sector is expected to develop at an average annual rate of 6.33 percent until 2026, when it is projected to reach a valuation of $2.79 billion.
  • According to the survey, Talabat held the highest market share (78 percent) in a sample taken in May of last year, out of all the companies involved in the food delivery business in the United Arab Emirates.
  • It is trailed by Deliveroo (12%), Careem Now (4%), and Zomato (owned by Delivery Hero and run by its subsidiary Talabat Middle East) at 8 and 4 percent, respectively.

After a demanding workday, Emirati individuals may now have meals delivered right to their door thanks to the UAE’s food delivery applications, which have made their lives easier. The challenge is in determining which choice best suits your needs.

Fear not—we’ve put together a list of popular food delivery apps in the UAE that serve delicious meals that are hot and fresh in a hurry. Prepare to bid adieu to the hassle of picking up food during mealtimes!

7 Best Food Delivery Apps in UAE You Should Know About in 2024 

Regardless of the idea you have for a food delivery app in the United Arab Emirates, the following top applications might provide valuable insights. Every app puts the needs of its users first by offering them a fun and intuitive interface.


Talabat app


Based in Dubai, Talabat is a well-known online food delivery service that provides a wide range of dining alternatives from nearby eateries. A large variety of cuisines, including Middle Eastern, Asian, European, and American, are available on the app. 

Since its launch in Kuwait in 2004, Talabat has expanded to many Middle Eastern nations, including Dubai, Bahrain, Oman, Qatar, and Saudi Arabia. Talabat’s affordable delivery fees and the range of eateries and cuisines it provides are the main reasons for its appeal among Emiratis. 

A report claims that Talabat has worked with more than 70,000 restaurant partners to fulfill over 100 million orders and over 100 million app downloads. 


Deliveroo app

Over 200 locations in 12 countries are home to the British online meal delivery startup Deliveroo. Will Shu, a former investment banker, and Greg Orlowski started it in 2013. 

With over $1 billion invested from investors like Accel Partners, Access Industries, and T Rowe Price, Deliveroo is the meal delivery business with the highest rate of growth in the world.

The business offers meal delivery services from a carefully selected selection of restaurants located throughout the city. Orders typically arrive in 30 to 60 minutes, and delivery costs Dhs7. If cupcakes are on your mind, you may obtain them soon. To access your selected goods, simply tap on the menu within the user-friendly app, and presto—all of them are instantly yours.


Careem app

The greatest food delivery in Dubai is available via Careem, a ride-sharing service with its headquarters in the United Arab Emirates. You may rearrange your favorite orders with only one tap. 

The app has been downloaded by over 100 million individuals, according to data from the Google Play store.  Since March 2020, the company’s customer base has increased by 30% as a result of the ongoing epidemic. Careem also follows hygienic procedures when providing food to its customers. 

You should choose Careem as your preferred meal delivery app in Dubai for the reasons such as, customers can earn and accumulate points for certain dishes and restaurants through Careem’s rewards program. If you place orders frequently, the Gold Wave can also be beneficial to you.  Repeat ordering is as easy as clicking and placing your favourite orders again. 

With both Android and iOS accessibility, the Careem app also has a dedicated tab for offers and promotions, allowing you to choose the best deals. 

Noon Food

Noon Food app

Noon Food is another popular food delivery app in the United Arab Emirates. Offering every user a flat 50% off their first order, the app got off to a great start and gained a significant portion of the market. The platform is a useful option for users because it has an easy-to-use interface and numerous payment methods.

With an average rating of 4.2 stars, the app has been downloaded over 10 million times. The good morning mode, which enables customers to deliver food between 5 and 9 AM, is a unique feature that helped the objective grow in popularity. This platform seeks to offer excellent flavour at a reduced cost. By collaborating with different delivery partners, it also focuses on improving the meal delivery process.

Eat Clean

Eat Clean app

One of the greatest food delivery apps in the UAE is Eat Clean, a meal delivery service that emphasizes nutrition and encourages healthy eating in the country. They provide a choice of wholesome, well-balanced meals to suit a range of dietary requirements. Eat Clean is a practical option for people who want to stick to a health-conscious diet because it emphasizes high-quality foods and portion control.

Eat Easy

Eat Easy app

Even someone who is not tech-savvy may easily use this one because it has one of the nicest user interfaces available. You can get anything to sate your hunger there, including American burgers, European pizzas, and traditional biryani.

There won’t be any surprises at checkout because you’ll be able to quickly view all the essential information, like the minimum delivery amount, shipping price, anticipated delivery time, and approved payment methods. You can save money using its cashback points system and eventually use them to purchase a complimentary treat for yourself!


Carraige app

In the Middle East, Carriage is one of the top online meal delivery services. There are over 200 restaurants and a broad range of cuisines available on the Carriage app. With an estimated 40-minute delivery time on average and GPS live tracking that lets you see your order while it’s on its way, Carriage claims to be one of the fastest food delivery services in the Middle East.

Key Takeaway! 

Food delivery apps have become the lifeblood of any restaurant business because people’s needs are changing. People prefer to order food online rather than visiting restaurants because of the lack of time, exciting deals, convenience, and multiple options to choose from. Amid and after the coronavirus outbreak, people’s eating habits have changed and we notice a sharp increase in online food delivery. 

As per the research, Talabat is the most popular food delivery service across the UAE. 

A growing number of companies are investing in food delivery app development companies to establish their own Talabat like app in response to the increasing demand. We have listed the best meal delivery apps in UAE in this blog post, along with our ranking of them. 

So what are you waiting for? Get started with an experienced on-demand app development company and enter the market with a unique business idea that ensures maximum yield on investments. 

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