Build on-demand Uber for Tutor App

Recently, the world is moving to an on-demand solution. From the online taxi booking to grocery delivery at doorstep all the services available. The on-demand solution makes people’s life easier.

The on-demand education app or tutor app made a thing easier to get tutors services or education services at the doorstep.

Today, finding a tutor is not a big deal for the parents. With the help of a personal tutor finder app, teachers explore more opportunities in the vast platform. Also, students can teach by the trusted and professional teachers at the home.

So, having your tutor finding an app is quite good for your business. Here, we mention the list of features for user and tutor app; and cost to develop a uber for tutor finding app.

Features Include in Education Sector App

For the User App:
Social Login
To use the tutor app, a student can sign up or log in to an app by providing their basic information or log in through social accounts.

Browse Tutor
Once login, a student can browse the available tutor list and view all the details of tutors.

Book tutor services
After the student selects the tutor, they can book the tutor services now or schedule as per their time.

Schedule services
Students can schedule services for future needs. They can select dates and times for the services.

Easy payment
To pay for the services, students have multiple payment options such as cash, credit, and in-app wallet.

Review & Rating
After completed the services, the student gave a review and rating to the tutor base on their experience.

For tutor provider app:
Manage Profile
A tutor can manage their profile information such as name, email, contact details, and profile picture.

Accept/reject Request
After login, the tutor gets a new service request, and they can manage services requests by accepting or reject options.

Check Earning Report
A tutor can check to earn reports with all completed, cancel, running, and pending services requests with all details.

Manage services
A tutor can manage provided services information such as services name, services radius, pricing, and other details.

Chat with student
A tutor can chat with the student within the app to give the answers of the student questions.

Review and Rating
Also, a tutor can give reviews and ratings to students based on their experiences.

Admin Panel:
With the super web panel, admin can view all the services details, site statistics, tutor and user details, and more.

Manage Students
An admin can view students with all details like name, email, contact details, etc. They can add/blog the student’s details.

Manage Tutors
An admin can see all the tutors with details like their name, services, services radius, etc. They have the option to blog the tutor’s request.

Manage Payment
Admin can manage payment settings like system commission, tax, tutor commission, and payment types like cash, credit, and in-app wallet.

How much cost to develop a uber-like tutor app?

After knowing the tutoring app demand and there features, you can consider while developing the uber like tutoring app. The cost of the tutor finder app is dependent on various factors such as the technology platform, in which location you want to develop your app and features.

If you want to add some customized features in your app. Also, if you want both Android and iOS applications then the cost may vary. Applionsoft offers the best tutor clone script solution for your startup business. We offer both Android and iOS applications as per your customized requirements. So, if you have an idea to develop your on-demand uber for tutor finding app, contact us today.

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