How to Develop Online Food Ordering Apps?

Eating food it’s the best thing and all the people like it. But what if you are tired or stuck in pajamas and don’t want to cook at home?

Don’t worry! there are many food ordering apps available in the market. With a single tap of a button, people can place their favorite food order and enjoy the food at home.

From the success of other food ordering apps, money restaurant owners want to develop their own food ordering apps.

If you also want to develop your own food ordering apps for your business or startup know about how the food ordering app works.

How Does on-demand Food Ordering Apps Works?

At first, an entrepreneur wants to collaborate with the restaurant to cuisine available for the user. Then both the user and restaurant go with online food ordering apps.

At the home screen for the app user should show the all available restaurant list and choose a restaurant to order their favorite food and confirm the order to pay for it.

After the user places the order, the restaurant receives the order request. When the order is prepared, assign the nearby delivery person.

A delivery person picks up the order and delivered it to the customer doorstep. And feedback is given by the user to the restaurant and delivery person.

Features that must include in your Food ordering apps

For user apps
Log in/Sign up
Users can log in or sing into an app with details name, email, address, contact details, and profile picture.

Filter Restaurant
A user can search the restaurant with different filter options such as rating, delivery time, etc.

Add to Cart
A user can add food to add to the cart option. After they can able to edit food quantity or remove it.

Track Order
After the store accepts the order request, the user can track their order and get an idea about the delivery time.

Order History
A user can view order history with complete information like order id, store details, and order amount.

Review & rating
After the completed order, the user can give review and rating to store and delivery person based on service offer.

For Driver apps
Manage Document
A delivery person uploads and manage their document details which are required to getting a new order request.

Manage Profile
Driver can manage profile information such as name, email, contact details and profile picture.

Map Navigation
A delivery person can use google map navigation within the app to find the exact location of a user.

Call to User
If a delivery person has any query, they can call to store/user within the app.

Earning History
A delivery person can view earning history with a total number of complete, cancel and reject the request with details.

For Store Apps
Social Login
A store can log in through social accounts like Facebook, Google or via Email.

Store Details
After login successfully, the store vendor provides store details such as store name, timing, address, and offer details.

Earning History
Store vendors can view their earning history with a total number of complete, cancel, running and pending orders with details.

Manage Product
Store vendors can manage their products. They have the option to add/modified their product details.

How much Does it Cost to Develop Food Ordering Apps?

The cost to develop a food delivery app depends on various factors such as features that you want to offer in the food ordering app and also which location you develop an app.

If you want your application to work on both Android and iOS platforms, then the cost is also increased.

The app with the basic feature cost is approximate $10,000 to $20,000 in India. But if you want to add customized features in your app then the cost increases.

Wrapping Up:

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