Build a Car Rental Services for Rental Marketplace

The car rental mobile app is the next “Airbnb” for the transport industry. If Airbnb is a solution for house rental then car rental is a rental solution for transport services.

A rental car is necessary for many people. They provide a need for people who can not afford a car but need a car at some time.

From the past few years, demand for car rental and car-sharing are much increased. So, it’s a win-win situation for the many car sharing and car rental startup or entrepreneurs.

From that, several companies give a car rental solution for your startup business. Today, car rental services are the best solution for any entrepreneur. Know the features and development cost of the car rental application.

Features Include in Car Rental Services App:

For the User App:

Register/Sign up
To use a car rental app, users can register into an app by providing their basic information like name, email, contact details, address, etc.

Schedule Booking
User has the option to schedule rental services as per their convenient time.

Manage Profile
User can manage their profile information like me, email, password, profile picture, address, and more information.

A user can view their rental history with details like booking id, payment amount and all rental information.

To pay for the car rental services, the user has a payment option like cash, credit, and in-app wallet.

Review & Rating
After completing the rental service, the user can give reviews and ratings to a driver based on their experiences.

For Driver App:

Social Login
A driver can log in to the app through their social account like Facebook, Google or via Email.

Manage Vehicle
After login, they need to provide their vehicle information like vehicle type, model, manufacture year, and more.

Manage Document
The driver manages required document information like Driving license, ID Proof, and vehicle insurance.

Map Navigation
To find the shortest path to the user location, the driver can use Google map navigation within the app.

Review & Rating
After completed services, a driver can give reviews and ratings based on their experiences.

How Much Cost to Build Uber Car Rental Services App?

Figuring out the cost to build a car rental service app it’s not easy. Several factors affect the cost of a car rental app; like technology platform, in which location you want to develop your application, and more.

If you want to develop both Android and iOS the cost may vary. Also, if you want to add some customized features in the car rental app the cost increases.

At Applionsoft, we develop an uber car rental solution for your business. We offer both Android and iOS applications as per your customized requirements. Our high skill developer, develop your car rental services in some duration time. For more information contact us!

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