How to Make Health and Fitness App?

Another modern trend is, of course, the mobile app. There are a thousand app possibilities from your daily lifestyle you can only imagen.

Technology makes things better and easier for daily life. Fitness and health are no exception. Hiring a personal trainer adds home would dig a deeper hole in your pocket.

Well, staying fit is a need not a necessity for people. Further, people who don’t have time to go to gym hours they miss the gym sessions.

So, if you are running a gym or fitness and health industry it’s time to make working out more convenient and affordable for the people. Now, let’s look at the fitness market apps.

Fitness App Industry

In 2019, the net revenue of the fitness segment amount is US$16,857m.

This is estimated to show an annual growth rate of up to 5.0% until 2023, resulting in a market volume of US$20,499m.

So, health and fitness apps are the usage marketplace in the future.

Types Of Fitness App

There are three types of fitness apps, the main difference between them they process and store information.

  • Workout and exercise apps
  • Nutrition apps
  • Activity tracking apps

Workout and Exercise Apps
As the name implies, they are focusing on the workout. This activity shows how using what is exercise and how to do them. These workout apps are divided into three groups:

  • Personal trainer apps
  • Logbook apps
  • Workout fitness apps that pair with devices

Nutrition Apps for Health and Fitness Apps
This application helps the user to control their weight by counting calories, controlling water balance, and eating healthy foods. They can also help to track how much coffee or tea drinks. If a person has a hard time striking to health, they simply use a nutrition app for their health and fitness. The app will help to create a grocery shopping list, and collect a healthy food recipe!

Activity Tracking Apps for Health and Fitness Apps
Activity tracking apps for people who don’t go to the gym or not found a sport, but still want to make sure they move enough. Such an app counts a step they are move and count calories. Also, with the geolocation, they can track the distances they walked.

Features include in Fitness App

For user app
Register/Sign up
Users can register into an app by providing their basic information such as name, email, contact details, and address.

Manage Profile
A user can manage their profile information like name, email, contact details, address and profile picture.

Schedule Trainer
A user can schedule a trainer service for future needs.

To pay for the services, the user has a flexible payment option like cash, credit, and in-app wallet.

Review & Rating
After complete the services, the user can give reviews and ratings to the provider based on their experience.

For Provider App
Social Login
A service provider login into an app through their social account like Facebook, Google, or via Email.

Review & Rating
Also, the service provider gave a review and rating to the user based on their experience.

Manage Bank Details
A service provider manages their bank account details to withdraw cash from the app.

Manage Document
A service provider manages its required document information such as trainer certificate, gym certificate, etc.

Manage Profile
A service provides manage their profile information such as name, email, address, and profile picture.

How much Cost to Develop Health and Fitness Apps?

Day by day people is becoming more and more health-conscious. Now it is time to develop a fitness app or workout app for the user and trainer. But what is the cost to develop a fitness app?

The development cost depends on various factors such as the technology platform and functionality that you want to offers in your fitness apps. Also, if you want to develop both Android and iOS applications then the cost may vary.

At, Applionsoft we offer the best fitness apps for your gym. We customized our application as per your requirement. For more information contact us today!

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