How Much does it Cost to Build Carpooling app Like BlaBlaCar?

Today, ride-sharing and taxi booking became a regular transportation choice for people. Ridesharing and carpooling application change the way for people to travel from one place to another.

Nowadays, technology has changed the lives of people where they can book a taxi without go outside anywhere and anytime.

People loved it because, with some clicks of the application they can order, book or purchase thinks or services which they want.

Carpooling app is popular because it offers cost-effective rides, comfortable trip, and on-time services.

After the success the taxi booking app many start-up companies and enterprises trying to entering into the taxi app market.

Another thing that, these taxi companies looking to develop their own carpooling app to share the ride and reduce the cost.

Some of the companies offer the best carpooling platform like arma Carpooling, Zimride, BlaBlaCar, Carpooling, etc.

So, let’s look at how carpooling app work, development cost, and features.

What is BlaBlaCar?

BlaBlaCar is a France based travel marketplace that offers a carpooling system. The platform has 70 million users in 2019 and is available in 22 countries including the U.K., India, Italy, Luxembourg, Mexico and more.

Amount of people who use BlaBlaCar: 70 million+

Every quarter travelers: 18 million

BlaBlaCar reported evaluation: $ 1.6 billion+

Features that include in Carpooling App Like BlaBlaCar

carpooling User App feature

Social Login
To use a carpooling app, users can log in or sign up through social sites like Facebook, Google or via Email.

Search Ride
A user can search for all available rides based on their ride pickup and destination location.

Offer Ride
A user can add a new ride and share it to get a ride request from the other rider if they want to share it to ride.

Flexible payment
A user has a flexible payment option such as cash, card and in-app wallet to make a cashless payment.

Track location
A user can track the live location of the driver within the app. From that, they can approx the driver arrival time and ride time.

Review & Rating
After complete, the ride user gives review and rating to the rides based on their experiences.

Carpooling app Admin Features

A super dashboard, admin can manage user & driver information, earning report, promo code, and payment setting.

Manage Driver
An admin adds or manages driver information such as name, email, contact details, document and more.

Earning Report
An admin can view the daily, weekly and monthly earning report with a total number of the complete, pending and running ride requests.

Mass Notification
An admin can send the mass notification to the user and driver. This feature use if an admin wants to broadcast the message.

Payment Setting
Admin can set payment settings like site commission, tax percentages, and payment options for the ride.

How much Cost to Develop Carpooling App Like BlaBlaCar?

The development cost of carpooling apps like blablacar is depended on various factors such as features, technology platform and most important things in which location you want to develop your carpooling application.

If you want to add customized features in your application the development cost increases. Also, if you want both Android and iOS application then the development cost may also increase.

With the basic features, the developing cost is around $,10,000 to $15,000 in India. But in another country, the development cost may vary.

Final Word

If you are interested to develop your carpooling app like blablacar then Applionsoft will help you to develop your carpooling app and expand your business.

Our carpooling app is ready with both Android and iOS app with a super admin panel. We deliver a fully white-label solution for your carpooling app. For more information feel free to contact us!

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