A Step-by-step Guide To Create An On-Demand Beauty App

As we all know the internet becoming a part of our daily life, including everything too easy these days to do things using the web and smart devices.

People like to get the thing which they need to do without putting much effort. Whether, it is grocery, food, book ride, or other services; people want most of the services to be done at the doorstep. At present, the most trending and demanding thing regarding beauty services is the on-demand beauty app.

The idea of beauty services is famous because a customer can get pampered at home with best-class services. Also, the on-demand salon app is helped many salon services save time, reach the customer with minimal effort and get immense profit.

Moreover, the expected growth in on-demand beauty service apps is increasing rapidly, making many individuals begin their startups in this industry. If you want to start your own on-demand beauty app, this blog will help you.

How On-Demand Beauty services app work?

On-demand beauty services app works just like Uber, but for providing beauty services. Customers install the app and sign up for the app to book beauty services. They can see the services provider list with the details like prices, names, and ratings.

After selecting a services provider they can book and confirm a booking. Also, they can track service provider locations and pay securely. This is a basic on-demand salon services app that allows a customer to get their beauty treatments done in their comfort zone.

Type of Business Model for On-Demand Beauty Service App:

There are two types of a business model for on-demand beauty service app. You can select based on your business needs.

1)Self-Owned Model

When the beauty brand wants to create its own beauty services app; that model calls a self-owned model for the beauty app. Building an on-demand beauty services app is the best way to promote their business locally. In addition, beauty professionals can use these apps to inform their customers about their services and improve their profiles.

With the help of an app, the service provider receives a new booking request notification within the app to confirm a booking. It will help the owner to manage their staff online and offline to provide the best service to customers.

2)Aggregator Model

With the aggregator model, several salons, makeup artists, beauticians, and hairdressers join the app. This model will help individual beauty professionals to provide their services to customers without working with salons. They can contact another salon to work on their own time. Also, salon owners find the best service provider for customer services.

Features to include while creating On-Demand Beauty Service App 

Before you start your own on-demand beauty services app, you just need to know about the features required while developing a beauty app. Furthermore, it is important to know about three apps/panels.

  • Customer App
  • Beauty service provider app
  • Admin panel

Let’s see all three app features which will help you to create a unique beauty services app.

1. Customer App

Here, we listed the important feature of beauty customer apps such as;

  • Social Login
  • Schedule booking
  • Live Tracking
  • Secure payment
  • Feedback

2. Beauty Service Provider

Here, we listed the important feature of beauty service provider apps such as;

  • Services & pricing
  • Manage Request
  • Live chat
  • Manage Profile
  • Earning Report

3. Admin Panel

Here, we listed the important feature of the beauty admin app such as;

  • Manage user & provider
  • See Report
  • Manage Payment
  • Push Notification

How much does it cost to develop a demand beauty app?

The cost to develop an on-demand beauty services app is dependent on various factors which are:

  • Features of the app,
  • The technology you choose,
  • Platforms you’re targeting,
  • Countries you are targeting.

It’s not possible to give a perfect figure for salon app development as it is based on different factors. If you want to develop an app like a beautician you can contact us!

Final Word:

If you want to grow your business or just create a stable revenue stream, investing in an on-demand salon services app is the best idea. This app will allow a customer who no longer wants to step out of their house for beauty service, to get the services done. Therefore, connecting to the beauty services app is the best solution for your business or startup. For more information, you can see our uber for beauty services for more information.

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